Residential Care Homes for the Behaviorally Challenged (Children, Adolescents & Adults )

Home like environment, where each individual is treated with the utmost care and respect.


Every moment is taken as an opportunity to enhance the individual’s life to its maximum potential.

  • 24 hour Care and Supervision

  • Administration and/or Assistance with Daily Medications 

  • Support with & teaching “Activities of Daily Living” (ADLs)






  • ABA Plus (ABA+) approach 

  • Behavioral Consultation

  • Creation and follow-up on Individual Service Plans (ISP)

Tracking of maladaptive behaviors

Treatment plans & guidance in dealing with maladaptive behaviors

ILS Skill development & reinforcement plans

Communication & Socialization skills development 

  • Extreme Challenging Behaviors


Fire Starter

Forensic/Court Ordered

Property Damage

Physical Aggressive 

Verbal Aggression

Fabrication of Episodes

  • Mental Health/Dual Diagnosis

Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities




Asperger's Syndrome

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Pervasive Developmental Disorder


Prader-Willi Syndrome

  • Monthly leisure/Outing schedules

  • Nurse (If required)

  • Pica Disorder

Uncontrollable eating

Eating non-edible items

  • Positive Behavior Support

  • Profound and Mild Learning Disabilities

  • Psychological and Psychiatric Appointments

  • Medical/Dental Appointments

  • Speech Disorder



PECS (Picture Communication)

Sign Language

Services to Individuals in Crisis

  • Aim to stabilize, comfort & house individuals in crisis by providing:



Counseling and Treatment

Positive Behavior Support

ABA Plus (ABA+) Approach

Receive placements 24 hours per day, no reject, no eject policy

  • Transition In-Home component, if applicable when the individual has been stabilized:

Assist with the transition of the individual to their home or another living arrangement

The Number of hours provided via In-Home services is adjusted down as the need for support and training decreases

Crisis Homes Success

Our direct experience with crisis situations began in 1992, when its first Crisis Home opened in Bakersfield. To date, every one of the 100+ consumers served in our crisis homes have successfully transitioned to their family or to a lower level of care.


Additionally, approximately 80% of the cases within our crisis home settings have successfully stabilized and are ready to transition within thirty to sixty days after onset. This pertains to both adults and children alike, and proves the effectiveness of our crisis treatment plan. 

In-Home Behavioral Support


Our main objective is to provide support and training to both the individual and families while giving the individual choices at all times and appropriate leisure activities that will develop their social and academic knowledge and skills.


By doing so, participant’s progress can be carried on into the future by families without additional support services.​

  • Increased table manners, eating and meal preparation skills

  • Ability to independently choose appropriate leisure activities that will assist in developing social and academic skills and knowledge.

  • Knowledge and competence in implementing community safety rules

  • Development and maintenance of household chores and skills

  • Parent Training

  • Positive Behavior Support

  • Multi-lingual

  • Non-aversive, ABA Plus (ABA+) approach

  • Staff Flexible Scheduling

  • Trainings with an aim on:

  • Improvement in personal hygiene, skills and activities of daily livingIn

  • Reduction or better management of socially inappropriate behaviors and incidents. (Taking off clothes in public, screaming when around people not previously met, etc.)

  • Reduction or better management of targeted and overall maladaptive behaviors. (Verbal Aggression, Physical Aggression, etc.)

  • Behavioral Modification

  • Community Integration

Vocational & Adult Day Care


The main objective is to enhance every individual’s life to its full potential. Integrating skills that will increase their ability to work towards their personal goals and incorporate the social environment through daily activities in local communities to build a sense of belonging, and empowerment.​

  • Abuse History (Both towards them and them towards others)

Physical Abuse

Sexual Abuse

Verbal Abuse

  • Assistance & Teaching “Activities of Daily Living” (ADL’s)







  • Asperger Syndrome

  • Autism Spectrum

  • Behavioral Consultant Creates “Individual Service Plan” (ISP)

  • Behaviorally Challenged

Aggressive Behavior

Court Ordered

Fabrication of Episode

Fire Starter

Property Damage


Verbal Aggression

  • Creation and follow-up of Individual Service Plan (ISP)

Tracking of Maladaptive Behaviors

Descriptive Guidance on Maladaptive Behaviors

Skill Development

Plan of Reinforcement

  • Developmental Disabilities

  • Epilepsy/Seizures

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Music, Yoga, Art, Gardening, Exercise

  • Mental Health


Bipolar Disorder


  • Personal Services and Supervision

  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder

  • Pica Disorder

Uncontrollable eating

Eating non-edible items

  • Prader-Willi Syndrome

  • Positive Behavior Support Program (18 years +)

  • Speech Disorder


PECS (Picture Communication)

Sign Language

  • Snacks provided

  • Training and assistance with daily routines

  • Transportation

Transportation provided from facility to home.

Driver’s License up to date

DMV records

Insurance up to date

Car inspections & check-ups Regularly

Senior Home Care


Home Care is the latest addition to The SAILS Group’s services. Completely and competently dedicated to the care of seniors, right in the comfort of their homes.​

  • Dementia / Memory Care

To provide understanding, patient, positive behavior management and compassionate care

  • Mobility & Transport

Assistance with: walks, outings, activities, transfers, errands and repositioning

  • Personal Care

Assistance with Daily Living Activities:  Bathing, dressing, laundry, meals, etc.

  • Professional Care

Professionally managed by a team of highly qualified behavioral and healthcare specialists

S.L.S. (Supported Living Services)


Our Experience in offering an individualized level of treatment depending on the needs, abilities and skills of the individuals it serves parallels the standard for RCOC’s Community Placement Plan. 


This includes providing a long-term stable environment in which supported individuals can successfully transition into the community.


It is with the above intent and vision, coupled with the values of advocacy, choice and community inclusion practiced in Specialized Residential Services that guides SAILS staff in assisting to enhance the autonomy, self-reliance and confidence of each individual served. 

The Sails Group will work in collaboration with family and an interdisciplinary team. ​

  • Work opportunity

With an agency that provides necessary assistance

  • Individually tailored services and supports

  • Person Centered Planning

Main focus is on the individual’s needs, wants, strengths, interests, and skills

Circle of support to assist in identifying the supports and services

  • Focusing on self-advocacy

  • Assistance in securing and maintaining housing

Help with finding a home that is safe, comfortable and that incorporates the individual’s choice

Development and maintenance of household chore skills

  • Staff will assist in furnishing and decorating the home according to the individual’s taste and choice, with the intention that a sense of one’s own will result in more positive changes for the individual.


  • Encouraging community involvement and forming of relationships outside the individual’s circle of support, as well as participation in activities, organizations, groups and volunteer opportunities of their personal preference.


  • Assistance in accessing public transportation, vocational training skills and preparation, and overall skill building in areas of socialization, communication, independent living (i.e. money management / banking, meal preparation, nutrition, household chores, gardening, teaching how to pay bills/memberships and having a system of upkeep, etc).

S.L.S goal is having the individual live in a home of their own choice, with elements such as the location, roommates, and guests to be under their own control.