SAILS ABA+ Behavioral Consultation

The goal of the SAILS ABA+ Behavioral Consultation Program is to assist and train developmentally disabled adults to achieve their maximum potential through creativity, encouragement and positive behavior management with the support of SAILS consulting team, in collaboration with their family and interdisciplinary team.

  • A comprehensive needs, strengths and abilities assessment

  • Individualized services and supports

  • Positive Behavioral aproach, coupled with the principles of Person-Centered Planning

  • Training for the individual receiving the behavior consultation with the aim that he/she can live as independently as possible

  • Additional training and consultation with the individual’s support team will further ensure that their needs and interests are consistently being addressed

Training & Education


We provide a variety of trainings, in order to enhance the knowledge and quality of care provided by those caring for the people we serve.

  • Administrator Training

  • Autism insight & approach

  • Behavioral Philosophy

  • Consumer Rights

  • CPI (Crisis Prevention Institute)/MAPA 

  • Effective Active Listening

  • Data Collection & Documentation

  • Developmental Disabilities

  • Early Detection- When to seek medical attention?

  • Handling Food Preparation, Storage and Menu Planning

  • House Manager Training

  • Individual Service Plan (ISP) – What is the ISP? How to read and follow the ISP for each individual

  • Maintaining a clean facility- How to clean properly

  • Management of Assaultive Behaviors using non-aversive techniques

  • Medication- How to assist with medication

  • Skills- How to teach and document new skills

  • Social and Recreational- How to build an appropriate leisure schedule in your facility

Consulting & Outsourcing

  • A comprehensive and customized staff training program that exceeds title 22 annual training requirements

  • An initial orientation powerpoint & video presentation to save time in training all newly hired employees

  • Continuing education offered through various training partners

  • Clear overview of how to run a successful facility

  • First Aid and CPR Certification

  • General Program Consultation

  • Management Oversight

Employee observations on daily routines

Facility observation

Plan of Correction

Trainings Provided

  • Nursing Assessments and Consultation

  • Professional Facility Inspection - Compliance

  • Regional Center and Licensing Program Design Consultation

Transportation Services


For people in need, transportation is vital in order to have the ability to participate and enjoy life (work, activities, leisure).​

  • Transportation provided from facility to all Medical Appointments, Activities, Recreational Outings, Day Program, and School

  • Vehicles with current insurance

  • All vehicles regularly inspected

  • Drivers with valid driver’s license

  • Employee DMV records