"Dear SAILS Group, I am writing today to say thank you to Ihab and Vivian Shahawi, as well as all the administration staff and direct care staff at The SAILS Group.


I read news stories about children and adults with developmental disabilities daily, local and national, and have come to believe that perhaps Cooper, my 20-year-old son, just may be one of the lucky ones.


As the mother of a son on the autistic spectrum, it was clear since he was young that due to his extreme behavioral issues, Coop would need specialized supervision.

This knowledge was devastating but necessary, in order to come to terms with the reality that his condition demanded a different kind of parenting.


He and I are dependent upon the kindness, expertise and commitment of strangers in order to maintain a safe and fulfilling life. The last 20 years have continually shown me that there are systems in place, especially the Regional Centers of California, that understand and are willing to provide the services necessary to meet Cooper’s needs.


My experience in particular with SAILS has been the most recent in a succession of wonderfully caring programs, and I am most grateful. 


The House Administrator gives a whole new meaning to the word professionalism.

The clients come first, without a doubt. I believe Cooper senses this primary mission statement, and in turn feels loved, and also experiences a sense of dignity. Every aspect of creating a positive home environment is considered by the administrator, and he passes this philosophy onto his staff. Communication with family members of the client is key, and he has always been forthcoming, reachable and professional. I cannot overstate how appreciative I am for this.


So thank you from the bottom of my heart to The SAILS Group—JOB WELL DONE!"



— Melissa, Cooper's Mom